• Steve,

    The labels just arrived today and they look great! They were exactly as they were supposed to be and are perfect for our equipment.

    Emily Moran, Research Institute for Children, Children's Hospital
    May 8, 2012
  • Steve,

    Just a quick note to let you now that I have received the asset tags - they look great Many thanks for your prompt and professional service. Regards,

    Scott Lowe International Sales Tokyo
    Apr 18, 2012
  • Steve,

    I got the labels today. They came out great. Not only was it easy to order from you, but the quality of the labels and the print on the labels is excellent. We will definitely be ordering from you again when this roll runs out. Thank you.
    AUX Sergeant Michael Stander Waltham Police Department
    May 7, 2012
  • Hi Steve,

    They are a great hit!!!! Wait until the other departments in our area see them. I will gladly pass along your business. I sent the check in the mail. Please advise when you receive the check. I am hoping to get the other window stickers soon. We may even but more of the reflective decals because we are placing them on our larger equipment. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You may use me as a reference at any time.

    May 8, 2012
  • HI Steve,

    I want to Thank You again for the extremely Fast and Accurate Labels. The Larger Ones worked perfectly on my new Truss that I had to Label before I Sub-rented it out. All my Originals are still holding perfectly, and I'll definitely be calling you again when I need more without a doubt. Thanks again and have a great evening!!

    Aaron Barris, President - Visionary Sound Productions LLC

  • The decals just arrived and they are perfect! Thank you again and we will definitely be using you again!

    Mistery Santiago Mitchell
    Crystal Coast Environmental, Inc.

  • They arrived today, excellent job, quality item. 2000 may last us a lifetime; we will recommend you whenever possible.
    Thank you,

    Bob LaGrow
    Essex Police Department
  • Steve

    Two years ago you made some fantastic reflective stickers for our organization. We've used them all up now and are interested in getting more printed. The stickers would have looked something like the attached files (I forget if we did some fine tuning on our logo artwork for the stickers, but I do know we were quite happy with what we received from you)

    Anyway - perhaps you can give us an updated quote to get more printed, just like we got them before. I'm copying Ernesto who is on staff with the organization and is the one who just let me know we were running out - pretty sure we'll want to run a split again on the colors -

    Greg McPheeters
    Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

  • So sorry, Steve. I had missed it. That will be perfect. have to tell you - you were the most helpful and the quickest of anyone I contacted, which is partly why I decided to use your company. If the labels hold up (and from what you describe, they should), we will undoubtably have other labeling to send your way too (pipe labels, etc.).

    Thanks again.
  • Steve

    I just got back into the office and got your package. They look GREAT!!! J Very happy with the product, and we will definitely keep you in mind when we run out. I couldn’t imagine what they would look like but this is fantastic. Thank you once again and I hope you have a great weekend!

    Melina Luján, I/T Coordinator
    Rio Grande Mining Co.
  • STEVE,

    The decals came today and they should be perfect for the type of assets I/we will be tagging. Thank you again for getting this done in such a timely matter. In the event I hear of other Greenery staff or any colleagues who may be in need of decals, I will certainly spread the word on your company.
    With sincere regards,

    Neal F. Warner, Accounting Department
    The Greenery, Inc.
  • Hi Steve,

    Just letting you know that the asset tags arrived today. They look great! Thank you so much for quick, helpful and professional service. If ever we need more labels in the future, we will definitely use you again. J Thanks,

    Gina K
    Gina Kirlew | Administrative Assistant & Artist